Northport may become the new owner of a golf course

The village of Northport may be getting a new golf course - for free.

Bill Collins, the developer of Northport Creek Golf Course, has made many changes to the 63-acre property in the last year - and now, he wants to give it to the village.

The golf course is nine holes and its multiple solar panels keep it green - literally! Solar power runs the sprinklers and lights, and the course uses electric carts. There is also a brand new clubhouse which should be finished around Memorial Day.

If the village accepts Collins's offer, all course up-keep will be paid for by Northport Creek LLC, and they will continue to run operations for at least the next five years.

The Northport Council will discuss Collins's offer at an upcoming meeting - if the village owns the course he won't have to pay taxes on the property - and opponents worry eventually it will cost them money.

The Northport Creek Gold Course hopes to open the first week of July. They will offer a discount to members who join this first year of operation.

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