Not enough snow for Kalkaska Winterfest

The 49th annual Kalkaska Winterfest was significantly affected by Saturday's rain and warmer temperatures.

Past years have provided a winter wonderland for the community, filled with snow and snow related activities.

The traditional dog sled races were canceled for the entire weekend, and the dog sled rides were on hold during Saturday's events.

Thankfully, there were still plenty of other activities for people to enjoy.

The International Weight Pull Association dog pulling competition was a big crowd favorite today, and so were the outhouse races.

Teams lined up to pull specially designed porta-johns and compete for first place.

People also had the chance to dry off inside the Kalkaska Civic Center, where there was a local craft show on display with craft vendors from all over Michigan.

Organizers say they hope to have a better turn out on Sunday, as long as the weather cooperates and brings in more snow.

The first event for tomorrow is a breakfast at 7AM, and then an Ice Bowl and Disc Golf tournament at 10AM.

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