Revibe: Remove wallpaper with ease!

Removing wallpaper like a pro!!! The Dan Brady "Tricks of The Trade" Way!!!!

"Wallpaper is meant to come down like it went up in FULL SHEETS, not in 1000 small pieces"

Dan Brady


step 1 - score wall with paper tiger

step 2- saturate wall with wallpaper removal solution, a pump up garden sprayer makes this step a lot easier

Step 3- let the walls soak for at least 10 minutes, mist walls if necessary just don't let solution dry out

Step 4- grab lower corner of paper and start to remove, if it doesn't remove in a full sheet STOP repeat Step 2

Step 5- if any paper backing remains after removing face paper repeat steps 2 and step 3, a wall scraper is helpful to remove any excess paper and glue, take care not to gouge wall as you use scraper or you will leave yourself with a lot of drywall repair

Step 6- after all wallpaper is removed scrub down walls with green scrubby and wallpaper removal solution, this will remove excess paste

Step 7- soak clean rags in fresh water and wipe down walls

Step 8- prime walls with a GOOD sealing primer like Smart Prime from Zinsser, this will help seal up any remaining glue and prepare your surface for paint.

Step 9- repair any drywall damage, spot prime repairs and apply two coats of paint

Step 10- step back, crack a beer, admire your master piece

DB's SUPER SECRET WALLPAPER REMOVAL SOLUTION *only shared with people that BUY his wallpaper removal DVD and of course viewers of REVIBE ON 7&4

Wallpaper Removal Solution(enough for a 12 x 12 room)

-11 quarts of HOT WATER... HOTTER THE BETTER!!!

- 1/4 cup of liquid fabric softener

- 2 table spoons of baking soda

- 22 ounces of DIF* solution

- 1 cup white vinegar

- 1 three gallon pump up sprayer

*DIF can be found at Northwood Paint (1299 S. Airport W, TC) along with the rest of the supplies you will need listed below

Supplies: one three gallon garden sprayer, rubber backed drop clothes to protect floor, lots of old towels, masking tape, sheet plastic, Zinsser Paper Tiger, wall scraper, paper wall scraper, one quart measuring cup, five gallon pail, large funnel, green scrubby

And if you totally want to be prepared for your wallpaper removal project you can purchase Dan's "How To Remove Wallpaper Like A Pro" at

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