School lunches leave students hungry

"It's not very filling at all and I'm hungry for the rest of the day," Petoskey High School student Tony Dáugustino said.

D'augustino is a senior at Petoskey High School. He eats a school lunch everyday, and after he finishes each meal, he still feels hungry. A feeling that is being felt by many students around the country.

High school students in Kansas made this video to express how the new national school lunch program is not giving them enough food. The program mandates that the lunches must be a minimum of 750 calories for each student and portions must be cut back.

"I think it's pretty accurate, we get to practice and were all pretty tired and were just not getting enough food at lunch," D'Augustino said.

"I thought it was perfect, I mean the song's good, they have the volleyball girls falling down, it's completely what everyone does after school or lunch," Petoskey High School student Carley Statler said.

Petoskey High School wishes they could help address the concerns of the students. In the past they have changed food options to improve the quality of lunch at their students request, but the new law makes it very difficult to meet their needs.

"This new legislation that tells us what we have to have in the food and then dictates the portion size kind of handicaps us and so there's there's not much that we can do about it," Petoskey High School Principal Tim Kanine explained.


ome of the students say that they have already started to pack their own lunch or bring extra snacks to help fill them up.

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