Sticker sales spreading awareness

Stickers are on sale at several stores in Traverse City.

Monday marked the one month anniversary of the tragic unsolved hit and run accident that claimed the life of 29-year-old Kelly Boyce Hurlbert while riding her bike on Washington Street. Police say their investigation is not slowing down.

Friends and family are doing their part to keep the momentum going by selling wristbands and stickers in Kelly's memory. So far, there has been a significant response.

â??Everybody I know has asked me for one,â?? said Mike Moran, a friend of the victimâ??s family. â??So that's a good sign. People are definitely behind this and it's good to see people are still wondering about Kelly, still thinking about it.â??

400 wristbands were made soon after the biking accident happened, killing Hurlbert. The wristbands were sold out within days. Phase two started Wednesday with more wristbands and new stickers.

â??We've got 1,500 now, and they're already going fast, so those are going to sell out soon,â?? said Joe Lorenz, personal training manager for Anytime Fitness.

The friends and family behind the sales plan to use the proceeds to benefit the community.

â??We're going to use the stickers to raise the money to donate to things like TART trails and kids programs, stuff like that in Kelly's name,â?? Moran explained.

You can find the wristbands and stickers at a couple places in Traverse City: North Peak Brewing Company, the Omelette Shoppe, the Grand Traverse Athletic Club, and Anytime Fitness. The suggested donation for wristbands is five dollars. The stickers sell for one dollar each.

â??Everybody likes the stickers. They're a good design, so that helps,â?? said Lorenz. â??You can slap them all over the place, so that's nice. A lot of people have been putting them on bikes, cars, everything.â??

The main focus of selling the items is keeping the investigation alive by spreading the awareness.

â??If the tips start slowing down, then so is the case. So the most important thing is to keep the tips rolling in,â?? said Lorenz.

People in the community are also urged to keep their porch lights on throughout the night Thursdays into Friday as another way show support for the family as well as the police. Moran told 7&4 News that every little bit helps. â??Everybody's got their own way of remembering. For some people it's porch lights, for some it's wristbands, for some it's bumper stickers. And that's very important. If that keeps her in people's minds, that's a great thing.â??

The friends we spoke with said the tokens are great reminders of who Kelly was. They want Kelly's legacy to live on by having everyone remember to love.

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