Traverse City Area Public Schools to bring dogs to ~sniff TM out TM safety hazards

    File photo from Benize Schools

    Traverse City Area Public Schools are being proactive by starting a safety dog pilot program that will ~sniff out TM items banned on school grounds.

    TCAPS says they are partnering with Interquest Detection Canines that will bring safety dogs into TCAPS middle schools and high schools during the 2015/2016 school year.

    A key goal for the program is to minimize the disruption that prohibited items can cause to the school day, said Sander Scott, associate superintendent of Traverse City Area Public Schools.

    The dogs are Labrador retrievers and have been trained to sniff out items that are prohibited on school grounds.

    Research shows that more frequent visits form school safety dogs can prevent prohibited items from being brought into schools in the first place, protecting students and keeping the focus on learning, Scott said.

    TCAPS tells us the dogs will search communal areas, lockers, gym areas, parking lots, as well as school grounds for alcohol, drugs, firearms, and some medications.

    The dogs first day will be announced as part of the kick off assembly with additional unannounced visits throughout the year.

    CLICK HERE for more information about Interquest Dection Canines.

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