UpNorthLive Book Club: A Dog's Purpose

Everyone loves a good book and now you can enjoy reading along with other UpNorthLive fans!

Each month we will choose a book for our UpNorthLive Book Club. We will also choose a fellow bookworm (could it be you?) to come on UpNorthLive Tonight to discuss the book with us! So pick up this month's book, sit back and indulge your imagination!

For June we chose "A Dog's Purpose" by W. Bruce Cameron.

About the book:
What if your dog never dies? What if dogs live multiple lifetimes, and remember all of them? What if every animal has a purpose, and your petâ??s purpose is intimately bound to yours?

A Dogâ??s Purpose tells the story of a dog who finds himself reincarnated and decides there must be a reason, a purpose he must fulfill, and until he does so, heâ??ll continue to be reborn. The story is narrated by Bailey, a wise and funny dog who is very much...a dog

A Dogâ??s Purpose is funny, endearing, touching, uplifting, and as full of life as dogs themselves.

Special thanks to Horizon Books for helping us choose the perfect book for our club! You can pick up your own copy of "A Dog's Purpose" at Horizon Books!

Rules for the Book Club giveaway

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