Austin Police return package stolen by man disguised as UPS driver

(Video courtesy: APD/Youtube)

The Austin Police Department was able to return a stolen package to a South Austin resident after her security camera caught a man dressed as a delivery person stealing it from her porch.

Stacie Rae Putnam said she was out to lunch on Tuesday when she was notified by a motion sensor on her door bell camera that a delivery of three packages had been made. When she returned home, she noticed one was missing.

Upon checking the security camera footage, she saw a man drive up to her home in a sedan, get out of the vehicle in a UPS vest, steal one of three packages and return to his vehicle.

The theft was caught on surveillance video in broad daylight:

Two other neighbors tell CBS Austin they've been had delivered packages stolen from their porch in previous months. One neighbor said boots were taken months back and Sarah Zils said anniversary jewelry was swiped from her door step.

"It's a shame that we have to think about whether or not we can have packages delivered to our own front porch because someone is going around taking them," said Zils.

In tips sent out Thursday, Austin Police suggest residents leave a note on the front door asking delivery carriers to not leave packages. Instead take it to a carrier facility like a local Fed Ex, the post office or an Amazon Locker. This ensures the package won't be left unattended on the door step.

Other tips were posted on Thursday.

At around 4:45 on Thursday, two days after the packages were reported stolen, Austin Police were able to return the package Putnam - perhaps saving Christmas.

CBS Austin has reached out to police for more information on the suspect, but have not yet heard back.

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