Four candidates vying for 37th District State Senate seat

Four candidates, including two republicans and two democrats, running in the 37th District State Senate race were asked what they're promising to voters if elected.

Four candidates, including two republicans and two democrats, running in the 37th District State Senate race were asked what they're promising to voters if elected. The 37th District includes the northwestern Lower Peninsula and the eastern Upper Peninsula.

Republican Greg MacMaster has served as State Representative for the 105th District for nearly four years. Before that he was a meteorologist in northern Michigan.

I want to be able to fight for them in Lansing and do what I've been doing for the past four years. Continue to work on improving job opportunities in Michigan. Look for answers to be able to fix our roads and equitable funding for our schools, especially for students here in northern Michigan; it's a disproportionate funding. I want to continue to fight for northern Michigan as I have been for the past four years and it doesn't need to get anywhere into the negative ad campaigns; just sticking to the issues. They need to know that what I've been doing I will continue to do that, said Rep. Greg MacMaster, Republican State Senate Candidate.

MacMaster is facing off against republican State Representative Wayne Schmidt who has served in the 104th District for nearly six years.

That's one of the things that I've worked on hardest is to make sure that our roads and bridges are beginning to be fixed and repaired. We put together a nearly half a billion dollars, a package of bills that included efficiencies, warranties, using existing revenues. That's what we heard from the people of the state of Michigan. Make sure that their current tax dollars, the ones that the hard-working families are paying are stretched as far as they can go, said Rep. Wayne Schmidt, Republican State Senate Candidate.

Two democrats are hoping voters will get them to Lansing.

Phil Bellfy says he's been an environmentalist for more than 40 years, and is involved with several environmental groups.

The most important issue is the Enbridge pipeline that runs underneath the Mackinac Bridge in the Straits and also fracking throughout the entire northern Michigan. Those are the two main environmental issues, said Phil Bellfy, Democratic State Senate Candidate. I want to talk about what affects 99 percent of the people 99 percent of the time and so when I get down to Lansing I want to continue that; work for flesh and blood people not corporate people.

Bellfy shares the democratic ticket with Jimmy Schmidt. Schmidt raised beef cattle for 44 years and ran a small manufacturing company with his father.

I support the Michigan fair which eliminates your sales tax and your state income tax and replaces what's called a goods and services tax which is 9.7 percent. It also gives every senior in Michigan a check every month in the mail for $167, said Jimmy Schmidt, Democratic State Senate Candidate. Another thing I support is what they call Michigan part-time legislature which reduce the salary for each State Senator in Michigan from $74,000 a year down to 34 [thousand] but instead of being in Lansing 12 months you'd only be in Lansing two months out of the year.

The winners in both the republican and democratic primary race will face one another in the fall.

Senator Howard Walker currently holds the seat in Michigan's 37th State Senate District. He will not be running for another term. The primary election is Tuesday, August 5th.

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