Injured Ludington soldier presented Purple Heart

Courtesy: Family photo

Injured Ludington National Guardsmen Eric Lund recieved a Purple Heart on Wednesday, the Ludington Daily News reports.

Lund met U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who thanked him and recognized him for his sacrifice to our country, the paper reports. Lund lost both his arms above the elbow, taking sharpnel to the face including eye injuries that caused double vision, in an IED explosion and fire fight in Afghanistan in May.

Lund says that Secretary of Defense Panetta was "really cool" and "even knows where Ludington is."

The paper reports that Lund is "doing phenomenal," and is now in a wheelchair that allows him to use his head to make it move.

Lund still faces several surgeries, including one to remove tubes, one to lift and support his eye, and a skin graft to his left arm.

If you would like to write to Lund in the next couple weeks, you can send letters to:

Eric Lund

Bldg. 3625

3298 George Beach Ave.

Fort Sam Housron, Texas

Attention Laura Lund, Room 320

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