Should lead poisoning tests be mandatory for toddlers?

Rep. Thomas Stallworth introduced legislation that would require doctors to screen young children for lead poisoning.

A Michigan lawmaker has introduced legislation that would require primary health care professionals to screen all 1-to-2-year-old patients for lead poisoning.

Rep. Thomas Stallworth, D-District 7, introduced the bill last week.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said lead-based paint and dust that has been contaminated with lead are the primary sources of lead poisoning among children.

Dr. Lisa Klassen, Grand Traverse Children's Clinic, told 7&4 News she supports the idea of requiring lead testing.

Parents don TMt necessarily know about it, so I think as providers it is our responsibility to look out for things like lead poisoning," Klassen said. "I think it would at least make providers more aware and make sure they are screening kids who are at risk,

According to lawmakers, parents who object because of religious beliefs can opt out of the screening.

Lead poisoning has been linked to lower IQ scores and increased aggression.

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