LDS missionary critically injured in Belgium bombing forgives his attackers

LDS Missionary critically injured in Belgium bombing forgives his attackers

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV)- It's a story of forgiveness and looking forward.

Mason Wells, one of the LDS missionaries gravely wounded in the Brussels airport bombing is speaking out for the first time.

His new book "left standing" talks about his struggles and his story of forgiveness and healing.

"After witnessing the devastation done by the Boston and Paris terror attacks and being critically injured in the Brussels bombing, Mason Wells was left with third-degree burns, emotional scars, and a shaken spirit. How could a merciful Father let evil prevail? Why had Mason been saved? What did God want from him? This miraculous true story will change how you see your own struggles and teach you the true power of forgiveness, perseverance, and faith."

Wells shares what it's like getting a second chance life in the news story above.

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