3 tips to keep your New Year's resolution going strong

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The GT Bay YMCA can provide guidance and support as you pursue your health and fitness goals.

There's a natural buzz around January 1 each year as thousands of people commit to new goals. As exciting as these are in the first couple weeks of the year, resolve begins to wane within just four weeks, according to studies. In fact, U.S. News shows that 80 percent of resolutions are dashed by just the second week of February.

To avoid becoming part of this statistic as you pursue your best life, keep these three tips in mind:

1. Don't be so hard on yourself. You may experience failure on your journey to success. The most dangerous mindset when pursuing your goals is "perfection or bust."

You missed a day at the gym, you ate some pizza, or you only made it through half a workout. It's ok! Give yourself grace and then get back at it.

2. "Start over" quickly. You make thousands of choices every day—you get the chance to "start over" whenever you want! That means no waiting until tomorrow and eating whatever you want for the rest of the day, and no waiting for Monday or next month. Your fresh start begins immediately.

3. Ask this question with every choice you make. Your health is a sliding scale. No single meal will make you lose 20 pounds. Likewise, no single meal will make you gain 20 pounds either. Your health is constantly influenced by those micro choices you make throughout the day.

Remove "good vs. bad" thinking. Instead, with each decision ask yourself, "will this foster an environment of health or disease in my body?" Then make your best decision based on that answer.

If you're looking for guidance as you pursue your health and fitness goals, stop by the YMCA and discover the resources available to help you achieve success!