Bay Reps rotating through three goalies this season

Dominic Nittolo, Veikka Lipsanen and Kam Lannen have all put in time at the goalie position this season for the Bay Reps.

TRAVERSE CITY -- It's not surprising to see some high school hockey teams go with two goals at times in a season but to go with three in the rotation is something very rarely seen.

That is what the depth chart looks like with the Bay Area Reps. Coach Ryan Fedorinchik has utilized St. Francis senior Dominic Nittolo, Elk Rapids senior and Finland foreign exchange student Veikka Lipsanen and St. Francis junior Kam Lannen multiple times this season that spans just five games.

We brought the Jimmy John's Sports Corner on the road to Reps practice at Centre Ice Arena in Traverse City to ask the guys what its like to be in a competitive log-jam at goalie.

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